Check out these maps

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  • Hi there :)
    I suggest y'all to check out these beauty maps.
    I couldn't add it here (too big, even for exile file base), so I decided it would be easier to test them from jkhub.
    1. FFA Ep. I 2004 - full map of fighting between Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Darth Maul (the whole way of heroes during their fighting):

    2. Ep. III JKA Map Pack - Part 2 - contains Mustafar and Utapau. I must say that Utapau is a lil boring, but Mustafar is really sweet ;) :…-iii-jka-map-pack-part-2/

    Test these maps and tell what do you think)
    We could use these maps just like "The Academy V3" or something esle)
    Peace :)

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  • Hi,

    if you'd like to extend our filebase we could give you the permissions to do that. We have storage enough :)

    anyway i will look at the maps, perhaps we see them soon on the server.

    Kind regards with best wishes,
    don riff :thumbup:


    Stress is the daly handling with idiots

    Get reKt :nibba:!

  • About filebase, I don't think it's necessary now, but if I need this, I'll know whom to ask ;)
    Thanks for your attention anyway :)

    Cool, I'll be waiting for your opinion and final decision.