Keeping Exile alive

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  • Is this a good idea? 9

    1. Yes (3) 33%
    2. No (6) 67%

    As we all know, JK3 is dying and not very many people are playing. In effect to that, I think it would run the risk of the clan becoming inactive, and I don't think anyone wants that to happen. So I think the only solution to this is to move on to a new game, when the time comes, of course. I don't know if anyone has confronted this topic, so I apologize in advance if it has happened. So I think that we should plan ahead and decide what game we will play.

  • Sorry Ethan I voted no. I don't think I'll be ever in favour of "moving" to another game like you said.

    I mean thats what a Clan stands for... If all the Clan leaders and Community think like you than of course this game goes empty... And I don't get it, I catch up a new player almost everyday... I see servers filled with players everyday...

    Also in other games there are other clans that you can be apart of and they don't go to less-played games to filled them up but you are kinda suggesting to play a more active, in other words a game with more people, how is that fair? I have a guild in WoW which I have functions for and still keep my activity here for example.

    I get that you already have this community and made friends along the way and it would be of the most interest of everyone to keep the friendship alive, the server active and the community growing, but to move the community wouldn't be right.

    What I would suggest and I already created a thread for, it's to share other online games that everyone here plays and perhaps meet up online or expand the clan.
    For example Riff plays CS:GO and has a server in it, if Im not mistaken, if we would share the same interest than perhaps The Exile Clan could expand to CS:GO, but never move out of one to another.

    Friends are the Family we choose!

  • It's a very bad idea... I don't wanna drop this game only because of small score of active players. This is not the meanful reason. I thought every person is playing for a chalenge and having fun