Server Suggestion Improvements.

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  • Regarding the server service it runs extremely well specially compared to other servers I've been on.

    However we should focus on the appeal of the server for the well growth of our community and clan.

    Remember: more members and more awereness means more stabilaty for the Page and Server.

    Bots in Spectate:

    ^7Clan ^3Recruitment


    • Added a bot named "Clan Recruitment" to better understand the purpose of the website link as many players go unnoticed about our site.

    Bots in-game:

    ^7Èxile ^4Grievous ^3Droid (DUAL) (SKIN: Shadow Trooper)
    ^7Èxile ^1HK-47 ^3Droid (SINGLE) (SKIN: Jawa, if not than, Stormtrooper)
    ^7Èxile ^6Abeloth ^3Clone (SINGLE) (SKIN: Alora Or Tavion)
    ^7Èxile ^0Krayt ^3Clone (STAFF) (SKIN: Reborn or Kyle)


    • Added two more bots because having 4 bots it's essential for maps like Tattoine, Korriban, Taspir, etc...
    • Removed Rosh Penin skins as they decrease the appeal of the server.
    • CLONE and DROIDS tags obviously a very good and unique to name the Bots (No other server does it).
    • Grievous is one of the best droids ever made, the intention of Grievous was to be the best Droid in the Universe, in the comic series he didn't die with Kenobi...
    • HK-47 one of the best assassin droid in the Star Wars Galaxy. Known for being part in the Revan and Meetra Surik Storyline.
    • Abeloth is the best Sith/Jedi in the Star Wars Universe and Krayt was the Dark Lord along with Luke Skywalker that defeated her.~
    • Having all saber styles is a good thing for players not to get bored facing always Single User Bots

    Bot lines:

    -As bots they could have the function of displaying the lame rules, I mean it's kinda silly having a High Council or Admin member always saying what lame is, so to prevent the trolls and lamers we should make the bots say the Lame line and how to report lames like Ren and kilT have on their Bind.

    -Also Bots should say: ^7Clan ^3Recruitment at ^7www.the^5exile^


    Remove the Generator Room map ----> Reason bots many times go on a jumping spree, also they do a lot of suicide in that map.
    (Suggestion try to replace it with Abandoned city or Imperial Shaft to check if players like it)

    Hope this gets approved as I believe and discussed with some players it would be a great improvement.

    Cheers <3

    Friends are the Family we choose!

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  • Well, u have already asked my opinion about quantity of bots on the serv.
    2 - fine, 3 - enough, 4 - a lil' bit much. So, u have already known that)

    I like the idea about giving them the "Exile" tags, but I'm not sure about naming them as Star Wars characters.
    I'd prefer a serial numbers (in droid case, something like "HK-47" as u said, but we can invent them by our own).
    I more prefer "CloneTrooper" or just "Trooper" instead of "Clone". Also, we can give them numbers too.

    Dunno about skins. If SC decide to change the bots and do another ones, I think skins depends on their names from certain point of view, like "Trooper" is obviously "Stormtrooper" or "Shadow Trooper".
    Also, I'm not sure about Jawa.
    I like Rosh as a bot btw. I got used to him lel. Of course, we can think who else could be as a bot.

    I like the idea about different saber styles of bots. It'll also help to get more experience for players.

    I also like the idea about "laming lines", but I think it shouldn't be in the formal way, like: "NO LAMING! Laming is attacking the player..." and so and so forth. I think it might be in the joking way, like: "Oh, I lamed <PLAYER NAME> and I got killed! Do not make my mistake folks!". And the next line, for example, about reporting: "To report laming..." etc.

    Leave the formal way to Admins and the Council and SC members ;)
    Just in case when joking way doesn't work lel
    And btw, many lamers don't understand words, untill I do smth with them.

  • I will start to work on the bots soon. Perhaps I'll change them at all.

    Map cycle will be maintenanced soon, too.

    Kind regards with best wishes,
    don riff :thumbup:


    Stress is the daly handling with idiots

    Get reKt :nibba:!

  • First I like to say thank you Ren for always replying and being very supportive to the community. Different opinions or just confirm comments are always welcomed.

    I thought 4 in game bots because must people voted 4 as I asked on the server, but I certainly remember you saying 3... The Reason that was told to me to be 4----> Our bots although they have skill they seem confined to one place and don't leave that area much, for example

    • in TASPIR there's always a bot near the Shield on top of the building, another in the building in front on the balcony, like they can't leave,
    • In KORRIBAN it's hard to find bots and 4 would make them a pair number to fight each other equally and equally distributed,
    • In RIFT 4 bots can complete the 4 different corners of the map,
    • Also DutchWeed complained about the lack of bots to train and 3 didn't seemed like a big change,
    • And Very important if we try to TFFA if you have 3 bots it'will be unbalanced. The best thing is to have those 2 that I said in the first comment as Spectate bots advertising and 4 in game.
    • So the number 4 seems perfect.

    Why use Star Wars names?

    • Using Star Wars names atracts certainly more fans of the franchise,
    • Players that know the story,
    • Players that like to know the story,
    • Creates conversation topics,
    • Makes them look more human and appealing

    Using droid tags won't create a good atmosphere because the idea of bot in a good server it's to make the bot look as human as possible. Also using names like Trooper it's what other servers do and it's kinda Standard bot procedure, the player won't be interested in the name, the name relates to the skin like some kind of machine tag.

    No problem with Rosh, the main problem it's to have all Rosh... It's boring for the player to watch the same skin over and over again.
    Also I didn't brought it up because it's kinda ridiculous but having female skins helps with the attraction of players, don't ask me but it's what I read in some guides, and it's probably true. But the main point it's to have different skins.

    It would definitely help with our Padawans and growth of our players. Also it's good for the server to have various options.

    That idea it's much better, I totally agree. That lines sound much better and make a better playability. "Oh, I lamed <PLAYER NAME> and I got killed! Do not make my mistake folks!". And the next line, for example, about reporting: "To report laming..." etc "

    I just remember you can even type something in RUS for the bots to say since there are a lot of RUS players.


    Friends are the Family we choose!

  • Np Trin)

    Yep, sticking bots it's a problem.
    Well, if the most people voted 4, I don't mind.
    Just sayin' :)

    Well, may be u r right about names)

    I agree about different skins.
    I think they're both same now, because of new players: it helps to recognize them better.

    Thx for support)
    Well, if council approve that, I'll help)

    And I'm sorry for a LONG answering)