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  • Hey all,

    Please don't take what I say below as criticism as they are more suggestions for improvement than anything else  ^^ . I also don't expect them to be acted on because, well it's your server and you might like it that way.

    1. The saber lock seems a bit cheap (sorry I couldn't find a better word) and an easy way for either an even duel to be swung in someone's favour or for a less talented duelist to get one over on a more talented one. Now you may be thinking that I'm being a crybaby because I've lost some duels to some newer players but I've actually come out better from the saber lock more times than not and would have preferred the normal route. I can see that this is something that annoys some people but it doesn't happen frequently enough for them to get really annoyed about it.

    2. I've noticed on a couple of occasions that people have put clan tags on who don't belong to the clan. I gather that you have a clan chat login (from discussions in the shouting) so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to make this login be required to acknowledge wearing the clan tags. This would mean people who wear it are automatically renamed when there isn't an admin online. The only issues with this would be that the server wouldn't like your bots having the clan tag and that applicants would constantly be renamed; which brings me onto point 3;

    3. (sorry that this is less of a server suggestion and more one for the clan) but possibly using just the E for applicants and bots. This would help for people to see who is a full member (I.e. A representative of the clan) and one wanting to be. This might help if you happen to get any unscrupulous applicants who turn out to be total idiots.

    That's it (phew). Thanks for your.time and hopefully you haven't taken these as criticism.

  • Hey, thank you for your ideas :) Im glad
    I agree with 1. It happens often, and I lost some duels because of it too.
    I don't know about the 2nd. Is wearing our tag happens so often? In my opinion it can bring more troubles than favors :p JKA servers are very unstable to major changes but we can try if that works at all :D

    @riff whats your opinion about it? :)

  • setting the saber lock factor can be done soon.

    Clan chat is already required but not handled by japlus because of given reasons in my time as serveradmin since 2008 of jka servers.

    Kind regards with best wishes,
    don riff :thumbup:


    Stress is the daly handling with idiots

    Get reKt :nibba:!

  • Thats super. The first one was the only one that bugged me.
    The other two were up to you whether they met your subjective needs as a clan. I can understand that a clan tag login can cause just as many problems as it solves.
    I think there was one random (that I can't remember sorry) and alpf before he applied that wore tags (saghi told him repeatedly to remove it and he eventually did so).

  • also there are alot on non English speaking that don't realize a sc or council have to give out access to app tags

    Its is better to be hatted for who you are then loved for who you are not. ~kilt

  • also there are alot on non English speaking that don't realize a sc or council have to give out access to app tags

    I ve never met such a player who had our tag without being in our clan..