New Member : CC-2284

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Simple step: You can register over 3th-party services here. Facebook, Google+, STEAM and GitHub.
You only need to click in the head of the page on the "Login or Register" Button, the Popup shows the icons for you.

Or use the old way, like you wish.
  • Your ingame name: CC-2284 (My Boi Cody)

    Your real name: Jamie Tulloch

    Location: Scotland

    How many years old? : 14

    Do you have previous clan experience?: No.

    Some words about yourself (not necessary): I like memes and Star Wars,I’m pretty new to JA as well so keep that in mind :nibba:

  • Hello CC-2284,

    thanks for your application to join us. The Çouncil will reply soon to your request.

    Some information we got for you:

    • Try to be active on the server and here on our community site. Means at least 7 hours per week, so 1 hour per day if you can. Don't worry it can be less then 3 hours.
    • Now you are in a trial phase
    • You can change your ingame name now to: Èxile|CC-2284|App
    • To write a special È use alt+0200 (use the numpad for numbers).
    • Get a look back, didn't you forget anything? Name, Age, Clan-history (if any), some details about you (you don't need to write a whole story about yourself...)

    In the name of the senate: Good luck!

    Kind regards,
    The Èxile

  • Hello!
    Thx for your request, it's now in proceed.

    Be patient, Council will decide it soon. Any update by your request will be posted here.

    Have fun and good luck!

  • Thought I may as well put this here,I apologise for my inactivity as I have been on holiday for the past week,I am writing this shortly before leaving to go back home.

    P.S - York = Mediocre / Shithole (for holidays)

    P.S.S - JK pls no smite my lord

  • No problem, we'll give you more time then.
    It's good you told us about that.

  • I’m back safe now,I came back the day I wrote the post but didn’t have much time to play,as I had to unpack then I had a cadets training day the next day :thumbsup: