Lamer list/Strange person list

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    Hello everyone!
    So, what do I suggest: If you saw some lamer and there wasn't any Admin on the serv. or they were afk, so he didn't get his punishment, take a screen and put it here, that Admins could keep in mind his name. Or you can just write his nick here.
    Same for strange persons, for example like Kosher, Lonely Monk/DOOMGuy/Kasme and etc. Take a screen or write his nick here and what did he tell or do.

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  • So, because of recent actions from very strange persons, I beleive it's fair enough to report them here. They can't see this thread if they're not members and it's very good.
    Lately, many players interested who's the leader of our clan and etc., so forgive me for my suspiciousness)
    @Sturg, this post for you.
    I've just met some person named koRn, who asked about u m8 and also about clan stuff. I found these questions suspicious, so I decided it would be right to report about that here. He told he knows u. Here's some screens:
    shot0012.jpg shot0012a.jpg shot0012b.jpg shot0012c.jpg shot0012d.jpg shot0012e.jpg

  • There's one or two problems with the idea but in general it's well intended and the objective is to keep the server secured.

    However, any player can log twice (or more) in server, which opens the room for conspiracy. For example: I enter as my own nickname Trinity and enter as Kosher for example, and with the Kosher log I'll just do random stuff, like insulting, laming, trolling... Than I change to Trinity to Screenshot. Obviously this can happen if I try to frame someone, which makes the screenshot not very viable. And this can easily happen to me or anyone.

    Like in any server or clan the best way is to have online admins. Obviously this can't happen 24 hours a day, so I think Yes create a list but only punish people when they are caught in action by a Responsible admins, Council or Supreme Council, the list would be to warn Admins those who are potential Lamers/Trolls/Etc.

    Maybe Admin members could display or have something to be contacted right away via Phone Apps or something.

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  • Well, sure, u can enter to the server by different names, but while u r doing that I can c this thing in console: "Trinity connected to the serv, player with same IP Kosher" and I can screen it too. So because of that I'm sure it's u, despite whatever nick do u use.

    I didn't suggest to punish these lamers only because someone has seen they lamed, when there wasn't any Admin on the serv. I meant if someone said that, Admin already knows that this person can do it again, so he can monitor this person more closely and when it happens, he or she will get a punishment.

  • yes korn is 100 % trustworth him and i go way the fuck back 2004+

    To think you are a council of this fine community. How disgusting that you would hide the truth about this individual from the others here.

  • I bet.

    Some quick facts about koRn.
    + Lies to friends and foes.
    + Racist.
    + Shares pornography to children.

    I have been around. I have seen you on the same servers as koRn many times while the above was happening. Do not make him out to be an angel or someone to "trust".

  • Might I inquire what I did to warrant a ban? I am not wrong about your buddy and I have nothing but respect for this community and riff.

  • joined our site just to start shit reason enough for me now tellme who you are bad mouth korn again it wont be removed

    Its is better to be hatted for who you are then loved for who you are not. ~kilt