/<aa. Mask, Dogrape

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  • I played this night on our server while the crowd was there and found 2 retards. They were laming, then I warned them 3 TIMES, but... they didn't calm down after this. Then I started to chase them and own their assess until I settle things with other Russian newbie (the same case, but he fixed in the end), but THESE TWO retards didn't get my words intentionally even AFTER 4 TIMES of repeating... I believe, such idiots (despite the fact that they're newbies, because normal ones can, at least, READ) should be cast away from our server, for it's not normal to repear more than 3 times "Do not, fckn lame!"

    Here I made some screenshots (three first screenshots) where they're both together, then a part of dialog about server's rules and episode when they tried to gunk me, but were owned by bot XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    The last one is /<aa (I guess Kaa). He's not newbie, he's just a rulebreaker. He lames when duel starts, besides, he tried to lame me when I was with saber off (as I can see he wasn't satisfed with 2-meter range cuz of his ping, so he decided to show his fucking skill... lunging when the duel starts). He was confident in himself, so I'll be confident too and report this jerk to make him understand how to follow the rules (JUST 2 SIMPLE RULES, CARL :D). Two last screenshots are about him........................

    P.S. The most stranger is the situation when there were Ren and Thunder and he was calm and silent.

  • i was on discord with mask, he had his chat on "team only", that's why he didn't stop after the warnings

  • i was on discord with mask, he had his chat on "teams only", that's why he didn't see the warnings

    dogrape seen them, but was too retard to tell mask about them

  • that doesnt allow to continue. hope you all will not break the rules again, else we have to kick or ban. And tell mask about the rule shortly then all is fine.

    Seems to be done.

    Kind regards with best wishes,
    don riff :thumbup:


    Stress is the daly handling with idiots

    Get reKt :nibba:!

  • Well, guys, pls just remember - there're simple rules on the servers, that's why chat should be avaliable for every message (except for private) to prevent situations like this. That's all.

  • Hmm, I've never met them.
    At least, I don't remember the names like that.
    If they have ever lamed anyone in front of me, I'd remember them.

    Anyway, we'll keep an eye on them.
    I hope that won't happen again.