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  • It's a formal approach to write here. It was nice to play but I have to leave the clan and the game on my own accord. See you around and in discord I hope!

  • Aaaaaaaaaaand this was unexpected...

    Whatever reason you have, good luck I wish you!

    That was nice playing together and you were a good Teacher, Admin and Councilor. Also an events organizer.

    I hope to see you around.


  • I've got some info from Thunder himself, so we could have some vision of his reasons to leave.

    Here's what he said: "No, there's nothing happened that could have an influence on my sudden quit. There's no need to help me, everything is okay. I also ask you, do not try to bring me back to the game. I've been planning to leave the game a year ago, but because of that Sturg/Zaa situation, when many people left the clan, I decided to stay for a while. I leave only the game, not the community, so I'll be in touch here and in discord. But I can't be in touch for a month because of military assembly/gathering (note by Mr. Ren: no, it's not an army. We have some gathering for ex-soldiers/resignation with some educational purpose and also we have the same thing, but for a students, which can be counted as a serving in the army and it should happenes regularly. So, because Thunder is a student, he must be having the second one. I hope I explained it good enough). No, there's not any point about Depola, which could be bind with my leaving. I've already told the reason above. If you guys have any questions, I can answer them in a month. As I said before, it is not a spontaneous leaving".