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  • As I have been absent for quite a while now, I think it is time for me resign. The people I have met and the memories I've had with them will always be special to me. I will always be there on discord, steam and this forum to play video games and chat like the pesky fucker I am, so its not really a goodbye. I've just been fatigued by this game and I no longer wish to play it. Also I have read the threads and came to the conclusion of someone else deserved to be an admin instead of me (No Nick it's not him, don't worry.)

    Godspeed you magnificent bastards.:nibba:

    The streetz is cold dawg.. Like it says in the book,we are blessed and cursed...

  • Sad to see you go mate. Had a blast always playing with you. You're always welcome to join the server with us.

    My padawan, my friend, my brother, my kanka


    When all else fails.

    - Infantry.

  • Aw man. You are an awesome person to be friends with and I hope you rejoin some day <3. But I perfectly understand your decision. You are of course always welcome to join our servers and Jawa events :D. Godspeed kanka


    Do or do not, there is no try.
    -Master Nuddles

  • Hello, man! Haven't seen for so long. It's pretty bad to hear that, but I hope the interest will return someday. But before you leave... if you had a feeling that I have something against you, then please, forgive me if you can. I've never had a bad opinion neither about you, nor about your position. However, the circumstances (your technical problems and literall lack on interest to play) made me ask questions about solving this problem, which caused such a reaction.

    It was pretty cool to play together, good luck.

    Again, I'm sorry if I insulted you.