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  • hy everyone. my name is Kitti. I'm from planet earth. I 22 Y.O. gurl and a slightly childish.
    I hate the spinach, and spiders.
    I like jokes, ducks, flowers and griddles.
    I join, because I want to put my lightsaber into commander nick @ss :D8)8)8)

  • Hello Looser Kitti,

    thanks for your application to join us. The Çouncil will reply soon to your request.

    Some information we got for you:

    • Try to be active on the server and here on our community site. Means at least 7 hours per week, so 1 hour per day if you can. Don't worry it can be less then 3 hours.
    • Now you are in a trial phase
    • You can change your ingame name now to: Èxile|Looser Kitti|App
    • To write a special È use alt+0200 (use the numpad for numbers).
    • Get a look back, didn't you forget anything? Name, Age, Clan-history (if any), some details about you (you don't need to write a whole story about yourself...)

    In the name of the senate: Good luck!

    Kind regards,
    The Èxile

  • Put a lightsaber into Nick's ass is a good point to join the clan! ^^

    Any previous clan experience?

    Also, we have a stencil to fill: HOW TO JOIN

    You can copy that, then press edit here (on your top\first message here) and fill it about yourself.

  • Can you please write here if you have any previous clan experience?

    She is very new to the game. I already asked her and she said she started playing 5 days ago and she told me that like 3 days ago so she probably started a week ago

    Do or do not, there is no try.
    -Master Nuddles