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  • Look guys, there's a funny story for you. I wanted to visit our main server and encountered a very hillarious scene. Thre was a man, called Musa that lamed me (and one Magyar player Kender) when I was unarmed (saber off-ed). Then I gave him 3 warnings and found out that he speaks English and play like a troll (really shitty troll), but a handless one. Then map changed and Zaa came in under Padawan (8). I told Musa a chance to fix his behaviour, but he found a genius way to be a coward (standing in afk).

    I started to chase and own him and Zaa joined me at some moment. Of course, this retard hasn't stopped :D After that he started to reveal his genius sense of humour and threatened us that he manages the server and he got screens of my hunt on him and so on...

    Now I got enough evidence to ban him. GUYS, CHECK THE DISCORD TO CHECK THE SCREENSHOTS BECAUSE I CAN'T DOWNLOAD IT ON THE SITE (Unknown error ocured, when I tried to do it)…367114/355718516109869057

  • Will keep an eye on him and deal with him it he comes back. If shit goes down again try sending a message on discord. Most likely some admin is online there and can come

    When all else fails.

    - Infantry.

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