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    .htaccess is now restored. all functions should work again. IT CAN BE that your google chrome said: phishing website, suck of this, this status will be removed soon.

    Hello Community,

    today we've been hacked.

    All information seen in quote od mail:

    There was a few .php files and 1 zip file. Everytime when i deleted it, it renewed it. I've changed again all passwords and locked the community site into another account. The Directory which is seen in the email by is now removed, too.

    All services has been renewed and got new passwords. The .htaccess file was hacked aswell. I've contacted my provider with this e-mail and send a answer that the problem has been fixed.

    and im fucked up. this topic is now closed (the closing date will be realeased later). Any New cmments in other topics about this shit or any insults to sailor/tidern/any other one however they act'd in the past will be deleted and punished with a timeban and/or perm ban, im really sad to handle this then so....

    Really i got enough since i am only watching this shit since months, not only the topics, the whole activity and discussing.

    To my FINAL words about Tidern/Sailor.

    It's ok to be absend if you told about that. How long doesn't matter! And in the absence rule it's declared (ill hope cheap enough to the downies here which cannot talk any english! - my dear im really bad tonight!)

    Sailor just leave, ok he can come back. Sad that he leaves, but i think we are mostly all old enough to know how to handle social responsibility to all here.


    The fact that Tidern got no admin within the uprank was the not telling anything about absence, how long or why. The why wouldn't matter, just say: i am now absent from 'til! << So far thats my oppinion why!

    Besides i cannot access the board with android, wtf? Write a fucking small e-mail to the council or me..... You are long enougth here to know the address, and if my mind is not trick'd i already got emails from members.

    You all know my activity is low as fuck'd but i can read and watch besides i pay this whole shit since more as 10 years! (Well this clan doesn't exists more than 10 years but my service and this server are so old, if not older).

    Im really schockd that you fight about any admin access or inactivity. These whole discussing has a nonsense for me, because there are 4 facs.

    1 Fact: Tidern never wrote about any absece which i knew about, if he did then sorry, give me a link/screenshot and all is good and this fact is nonsense, too

    2 Fact: Noone was demotaded or however this word is spell'd/write'd. We always try to understand first why ppl. are inactive and try to catch them and ask for it b4 anything happenes.

    3 Fact: Sailor was always a bit active with setting absence and told us any update. if it was discord or here on board.

    4 Fact: We have a point system, which saves your activity, since we installed we can calculate per day how mutch points you got and determine any activity. For not beeing active you loose points. Simple as shit on toilet.

    These 4 fact does make this discussion nonsense. Ill hope that is clear enougth, now you all get a small time window where you can think and answer after all i will close this topic and won't hear anything again about that.

    Have a nice day.

    Why do you think he's entering the server while admins are offline? He always comes along with his brother called Pidoras :D

    then admins has to go undercover :D

    for further insulting just silence. By laming 1. Kick then ban.

    If council catch him/her it will be really nice to beat that ass and show him/her how ez we can troll him/her b4 the ban comes.

    Hello fellows,

    as you have noticed the Server and all services become online again.

    So far thats good, but there is a securety hole in the ilo subsystem firmware.

    Short: at the moment i cannot access remotely only ssh is working, for further downtimes i always need to inform the support. The ILO subsystem gets patched soon (HP is working on it) and as they wrote to me it will be only accessable when i request a ip for it, else it will only work in the servers intranet.

    So far all problems has been solved, our service is back online.

    If you want, translate the message :D

    riff out.


    after many fails i searched a lot at the forum from the developer of the plugin. Now i got a "fix".

    See: Login per Steamplugin nicht mehr möglich

    I've done the replace at the given line at the code, well just add a "s" because steam decided to use https only and http response nothing, thats why we get an undefined offset error.

    Now the offset should be given back from steam to our servers as before.

    Hope that fix will work from now.

    Thanks to Depola and Thunder for the report.