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    I still will be in touch in discord, as Thunder does.

    And thanks ;)

    Well, so, I guess it's time for me to leave.

    The reason is the clan has become inactive for a kinda long time, I meet only 2-3 persons around and they're the same every time. So, as result, I've lost an interest to play the game.

    I don't blame anyone and please don't blame yourself. That just happened.

    Thanks to Sturg for bringing me in.

    A HUGE THANKS to riff for giving me an opportunity to administer justice on the server as an Admin and as the next stage sharing with me his leadership as Supreme Councilor. That was a BIG honor!

    Thanks to everyone who's been playing around. That was a good time!

    This clan will always be in my heart as my home!

    Cya all around... one day.

    With a BIG LOVE <3

    - Ren.

    Put a lightsaber into Nick's ass is a good point to join the clan! ^^

    Any previous clan experience?

    Also, we have a stencil to fill: HOW TO JOIN

    You can copy that, then press edit here (on your top\first message here) and fill it about yourself.

    I wouldn't leave you guys, you guys are some of my best friends. People whom I can actually talk to, play games, fuck around etc. and I really mean it. This shit started around April - May after I stopped playing for a while, I tried coming back in summer but soon after School started in August. I haven't been active since and I have felt guilty ever since and even more after the things I have read in the forum. After a while I decided on not coming back since I didn't know what reactions I would get from people, I felt like I didn't deserve the position which was given to me. I would join you if I could but after school and other things in my personal life our timetables didn't meet, this is why I haven't been contacting anyone lately. If I came back one day I don't want to be an clan member and an admin, I just want to have fun with friends and not worry about things like this this is why I left the clan and the game. I didn't mean to start such discussions on the forums and Im sorry because the things happened the way they did. Anyway like I said, this isn't a goodbye. I will always be there when I can.

    You don't have to be sorry. We undertand it. And I told Tidern exactly the same about you.

    This time, I'll be short.

    I don't know where can I check this, I told you the fact that everyone knows. If you told us smth before your absence, we wouldn't talk about this right now. Ask riff, if you want. The way I see it, you didn't even try to warn us. It's 21st century man, everyone uses phones, you know. You could borrow one for a few minutes, if you wanted to warn us.

    THERE WAS NO DEMOTION. I TELL YOU THIS AS SC! Check the site, Rank up and changes and so on.

    I don't see really big difference between a member and an Admin member. We had enough Admins, so it wasn't a problem. As I said before, he had a reason which we knew exactly from him. It's not about being an Admin, it's about an absence. You go unfair towards Sailor.

    Mmm, a mounth of vacations. What a nice excuse! But you know what? You told me you were on vacation only after you back.

    1 month - I can live with that, but you need to set an absence with a reason or tell us about your vacation, so there weren't any questions to you after. + a lil' surprise: Me, Yobba and Khyser were almost daily on the server during the whole summer. Ask them how many times did they see you, except those trainings, which were at the middle-end of August, which I've written above.

    Do you really think I pick info from the sky?

    Last time I saw you in June was right before the clan match with JAWA. Check the date of it in the Ally section (30 of June).

    And now, those trainings:

    Date & Time: 12.08.2018 - 17.08.2018 (included), 08:30 - 09:30 p.m. Berlin time (The Exile time)

    I didn't tell you weren't there. I told you exactly how much time haven't I seen you. And that was without any reason we knew before it.

    That's what I'm talking about. I suggest you to read my "letter" above again very carefully.

    You shouldn't thank exactly me. I didn't mean myself. Read again when I've become the Supreme Councilor.

    Sure they could kick you out and so on. That's not about it. You blame Sailor as inactive kinda by the same reason as were you, while he told us why is he inactive and you did not. That's what I'm trying to say.

    P.S. Am... why the heck did you come that I hate this CLAN, it's PEOPLE?

    Because you come like a jerk to Sailor.

    Ok, I think it's time for me to interrupt here.

    I'm sorry for my "French", but this shit pisses me off.

    Now let's get the party started.

    My dear Nick, personally I'm quite tired of the situations when admins are offline, but the trolls, lamers, blinded and retarted people invade the server.

    There will always be trolls, lamers, blinded and retarted people on the server, no matter how many Admins are online or not. We can't be online 24/7 - surprise! People also have the real life, you know? If you have problems with some players, report them and we'll handle this when we can.

    P.S. How does it justify his being inactive? Could you share this secret with me?

    Hmm, how does it justify you've been inactive at about 6 months in 2017? Do you even know that you stayed in the clan by a miracle? No? I'll tell you what. At the time with the Sturg shit, you were inactive more than 4 months and you should have been kicked out already, but because of another stuff to do, you just stayed here, so at least, If I were you, I'd be thankful for that. Next, when I've become SC, you suddenly came back with smth like: "My router has fucked up". Ok, fine. We accepted this.

    Now, let's back to the Sailor. His PC has fucked up and he couldn't play for a long time and he still can't. He only uses his brother's PC sometimes. Should I tell you how do I know? That's because HE told us about this stuff. The next thing is about his studying at Uni. HE told us about that as well.

    So, do you want to know the secret? I'll share it with you. You're not inactive, if you told the reason of the absence to the Council, or at least set it on you profile here.

    Did you do that while you were absent? No. Did you try to connect to any of us? No. You just disappeared with tellin' nothing.

    So, In my honest opinion, you have no right to judge Sailor.

    If I were you, I'd be quiet about that.

    Ansu, DirtyMan have been reported a long time ago as Manace is another stupid and handless troll, but Thunder hasn't punished him.

    Hasn't he? For real? Don't you bother about the fact I've seen how did Thunder ban him? I mean the Manace. Also, after Manace's back, I did it again (that was after Thunder left the clan).

    We haven't seen DirtyMan since he has been reported, so I don't know what do you want from us.

    You should be concerned with reporting, we're with dealing wih it. We don't have to report in front of you about that.

    I haven't seen Sailor since June or since the 2nd half of it, but now is September. Do you see where I get it from?

    And so? So what? May be you should watch yourself first, huh? Like that recent time when you disappeared again from the end of June till the middle of August without sayin' any reason again?

    EVERY month you say? Really, I don't understand where did you get it from xD

    Not every, but you do it quite often.

    I used to be absent under the same circumstances 1.5 years ago, but anyway I fairly was demoted to Padawan even despite the fact that I explained a problem.

    You have never been demoted, why do you lie? You disappeared with Jedi Knight rank and you back with the same. I don't know who do you want to deceive here. And after you back, you've been promoted by your request to Jedi Master with no Admin rights (yes, you were asking for them).

    You have never been demoted even to Jedi rank. So don't try to be better than you are by shitting on Sailor and tellin' we're goin' unfair towards you.

    I guess, we should have demoted you for real.

    In conclusion. After your shit speech, Sailor leaves us. I know he wrote another reasons, but he was telling us a 1000 times he feels uncomfortable because of his inactivity, and may be he'll leave us soon. He did it right after this shit started.

    Congrats, you won.

    Considering everything I've written above, this won't stay aside, I'm sure you.

    If you don't like this clan, these people and so on - leave.

    Idk, this guy seems to be nice when I online, and I have never seen he said any bad word to anyone or was trying to lame.

    1 screenshot with 1 bad word towards you is not enough to ban him, in my opinion. May be to silence or another techniques (depends on situation). We need to see these actions in the game.

    If we see him on, we'll keep an eye on him.

    P.S. what's the point of the screenshot where he's just standing in the chat?