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    It's a formal approach to write here. It was nice to play but I have to leave the clan and the game on my own accord. See you around and in discord I hope!

    After the tournament, we played some few FFA events in vary styles: singlesaber, duals, staff and melee. Welcome the winners :

    An77u - the best in singlesaber event!

    ^Tidern^ - the best in duals event!

    Thunder - the best in staff event!

    An77u - the best fist user in melee event;)!

    Here are some screenshots as well:

    Thx guys for the great event!

    We have a winner of this tournament : Yobba who won the match fighting Commander Nick and Nick got the 2nd place. @Mr.Ren gained the 3rd place and KhYSer got the 4th. Congratulations! Here is a brackets (there were an odd number of players, so randomizer decided to give Yobba lucky place in the 2nd round):

    Today, 17th of June, we had a little tournament among Exile members. The event was provided on Jedi'sHomeJL map. Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to young Levandro who agreed to take a part of it. Here are some screenshots:

    Hello! If you want to join The Exile, create a new thread and fill the form below:

    Your ingame name:

    Your real name:


    How many years old? :

    Do you have previous clan experience?:

    Some words about yourself (not necessary):

    Hello there!! From the Council, we wish you merry Christmas, which comes tonight. It was a hard and peculiar year for Exile. We had trouble moments and good as well. Some members had gone and new players came here. We've discovered (OMG!!) such a new thing as discord and know better each other.Riff has decorated the site and we thank him. As for me, we are one big family, which shouldn't be separated. But it's Christmas time. We recommend to spend these holidays with your parents, relatives, friends, etc. Buy some presents and surprise them. IRL is more important so don't do drugs and get drunk as fuck (but who knows...). The Council was thinking about that and decided to give some gifts as well.

    Here below and in the special topic, there are members, who were active during this winter and deserved to get promotion:

    We have 2 new Jedi Knights, who know a lot about saberfighting. Please, welcome them:



    Secondly, there is guy who's become a new Jedi Master and he gets Admin Instructor. He is:


    Move on, we've got a new Applicant, Welcome:

    Commander Nick

    Ok, Just joking. He gets new rank of Jedi Guardian and will punish lamers with his new Admin Knight.

    And finally, for the 2nd time in Exile, we have another Grand Master. It's:


    Well done, guys. Keep it up and have fun. Another guys, who hasn't got promotion, notify us and be more active next time. I hope you will get it. Anyways, Have fun in these holidays. We will be waiting for you in new 2018 year on our servers. Merry Christmas and happy New Year :nibba:s.

    Agree, you've been a good student. RL is important, so do what you need. You're welcome anytime and I hope to see you after ep8 premiere in this last month of the year. Good Luck!