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    0_0 WADDA HAG?! Oh, man... really... I know, it's our fault because we're adult people and we have our own interests and duties. None required a constant being on the server, but as a rule, our interests tend to fading time after time. So, I guess we should prepare for ressurection at some time... Good Luck and don't leave the game utterly!!

    Look guys, there's a funny story for you. I wanted to visit our main server and encountered a very hillarious scene. Thre was a man, called Musa that lamed me (and one Magyar player Kender) when I was unarmed (saber off-ed). Then I gave him 3 warnings and found out that he speaks English and play like a troll (really shitty troll), but a handless one. Then map changed and Zaa came in under Padawan (8). I told Musa a chance to fix his behaviour, but he found a genius way to be a coward (standing in afk).

    I started to chase and own him and Zaa joined me at some moment. Of course, this retard hasn't stopped :D After that he started to reveal his genius sense of humour and threatened us that he manages the server and he got screens of my hunt on him and so on...

    Now I got enough evidence to ban him. GUYS, CHECK THE DISCORD TO CHECK THE SCREENSHOTS BECAUSE I CAN'T DOWNLOAD IT ON THE SITE (Unknown error ocured, when I tried to do it)…367114/355718516109869057

    Okay, here's my feedback to you.

    Can you check the stories of my Absence (till 5 of May, if I'm right)? I bet there was a section for reasons, why smn is absent. In my point of view, I wrote that my computer was fucked up... wait a sec. Ah, yes, I couldn't do that xD Because I had nothing but my Android, unable to visit this site... It lasted pretty long until I got laptop, then (I swear) I told you about my broken PC, but exactly about the problem with motherboard as a joke (but not the Concil, because I was still kinda ignorant to the navigation on the site, so I literally couldn't find a proper topic, which is my fail anyway:D), but it was during the May, when I got my computer back and then got back to the game. I simply forgot about the game cuz of simple lack of interest (which is also my fail) :C

    A message about router appeared far BEFORE this accident, though...

    Hmm... talking about demotion, whether it was or not... I have a bad memory about this, but... I need to talk others or (to surf the site more accurately), if they remember, but for now I have to agree, my fail :D

    Well, let's get back to the Sailor. I must confess that I raised this problem from absolutely wrong side, talking some kind of (indeed) offensive words to Sailor's PERSONALITY, which was absolutely rude from my side. However, it logically (most likely) caused some thoughts that I envy him and hate as well. That's why I apologized to him. And I have to apologize to you for such narrative that led to misunderstanding :D

    Yes, it didn't justify me, a simple clan member, but... how does it justify ADMINISTRATOR, who doesn't fullfil his duties due to mentioned reasons? I highlight the fact that he's Admin, who hasn't a possibility to maintain the order on the server more or less constantly. Why this ADMIN stil has these rights? I guess I was clear, okay?

    Okay, now I have something to you, Ren.

    For some reason I haven't seen any of you during July? Do you know why? Because it's a mounth of vacations xD I was absent only 1 mounth, which isn't the reason to support your claim, also, I appeared in the game in the beggining of the August, dude :D Either way I would not have gone on the trainings since the very first :D

    I should be thankful to you and don't speak about the problem just because you saved my place in the clan 1.3 years ago? Nicely said. You could jut kick me from the clan and... then I could have made another request... not big deal really, it's first. Hypothetically, if you're working in some kind of company and there're two members, who are supperior to you: your personal boss and the Head of the company. The first one had suffered cause of car-crashing, and he had been crippled. Now he's unable to do his work, he doesn't even show up on your workplace due to this, BUT he's still acting member of the company with all his duties that he's unable to fullfili. You're going to the Head of the Company and ask a question - why my supperior doesn't work, but still has his post? But he answers you - if I were you, I'd be thankful because I could easily kick you out of here 1.5 years ago for that... so you don't have a right to talk about it. (And it's question of priveledged post, not his work anyway)

    So, all the point of this situation is like this, again because of MISUNDERSTANDING, we were talking as we were at our parallel realms.

    P.S. Am... why the heck did you come that I hate this CLAN, it's PEOPLE?

    Hello, man! Haven't seen for so long. It's pretty bad to hear that, but I hope the interest will return someday. But before you leave... if you had a feeling that I have something against you, then please, forgive me if you can. I've never had a bad opinion neither about you, nor about your position. However, the circumstances (your technical problems and literall lack on interest to play) made me ask questions about solving this problem, which caused such a reaction.

    It was pretty cool to play together, good luck.

    Again, I'm sorry if I insulted you.

    Well, I can agree with your first point, but with others...

    1) I did not speak it to you, it's firstly.

    2) How did you come to "illegality"? If you made such decision because of literal meaning of the word, then I'm sorry, I never meant to say it's "illegal". In addition, I used to be absent under the same circumstances 1.5 years ago, but anyway I fairly was demoted to Padawan even despite the fact that I explained a problem.

    3) How the **** did you come to members, who have quit the clan or haven't? Did I say a single word about them (because I spoken about inactive ones)?

    In addition, I haven't seen Sailor since June or since the 2nd half of it, but now is September. Do you see where I get it from?

    EVERY month you say? Really, I don't understand where did you get it from xD

    My dear Nick, personally I'm quite tired of the situations when admins are offline, but the trolls, lamers, blinded and retarted people invade the server.

    There's answer on your question, man, I'm gonna watch and maintain the peace on the server and punish such people. Do we need inadequate people on our server? I think it's obvious.

    P.S. How does it justify his being inactive? Could you share this secret with me?

    Ansu, DirtyMan have been reported a long time ago as Manace is another stupid and handless troll, but Thunder hasn't punished him.

    Guys, what're you gonna do with Sailor? He's absent for 3 mounths at least. Maybe try to change admin list for a littlle.

    Why? It's because today I've met 2 people who are nearly illegal on our server: Manace and DirtyMan.

    Apoll was with me, he'll confirm it :D

    Well, I understand it, but I think you should be under fake nick to see it :D I can assure you that people's behaviour really changes in admin's presence :D

    shot0013.jpgshot0014.jpgI met this whore that night and started to duel with him. However, since our ping difference and his inability to dodge simple god damned batterfly, he has got his ass burnt and started to lame me and talk shit. Well, not a big deal really, just a personal abuse, but then he started to rant that this server is shit at all and he met many guys, who are better than me. Honestly, I don't know what uberminds he've met, but counter his crounching like a goose in the garbage pit, but... he could just quit and go to his favourite with no blocks 2-meter-ranged and spam-based server instead of keeping drowning in mud by behaving as a complete retard.

    So, guys, there were at least one confirmed reason for him to get banned - repeating laming and abusive behaviour.

    I must apologize here because I've got the idea of reporting him after this shit, but, at least, there's a screenshot, showing his aggressiveness :D