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    Will keep an eye on him and deal with him it he comes back. If shit goes down again try sending a message on discord. Most likely some admin is online there and can come

    Sad to see you leave mate. Even though many of us havent been active you kept the clan together, but i understand your decision.

    Thank you bringing me in this community.

    Won't say goodbye or anything like that, we'll hopefully keep in touch elsewhere :)

    Sad to see you go mate. Had a blast always playing with you. You're always welcome to join the server with us.

    My padawan, my friend, my brother, my kanka


    Ansu, DirtyMan have been reported a long time ago as Manace is another stupid and handless troll, but Thunder hasn't punished him.

    This. You try to bring resigned members into this

    Well where should we begin..

    1) There is almost allways a admin online on discord where you can tell them about lamers etc

    2) Justify? So is it illegal? I dont have to tell you anything since its none of your business

    3) This tells me you are not really active member since you dont even know which members have quit the clan and who havent.

    Guys, what're you gonna do with Sailor? He's absent for 3 mounths at least. Maybe try to change admin list for a littlle.

    Why? It's because today I've met 2 people who are nearly illegal on our server: Manace and DirtyMan.

    Apoll was with me, he'll confirm it :D

    Well what its the problem? We have the courtyard section + discord for these problems where you as an adult know how to write and post screenshots of lamers.
    Where Sailor is, it's a matter between council and him. That is nothing you should be concerned of.

    So, made a compilation video from yesterdays tourney. Quality isnt the best possible, but not THAT bad either.. Please forgive my neandertalish video editing skillz and tell me what you think.

    Rock on 8)

    I decided to try FRAPS. Writes the video normally. but on a hosting YouTube bitrate is still low.

    It was a day. There was nothing to do. Here I study Sonya Vegas. lol

    Duel with Yobba . As for me, the duel was fun XD

    I used fraps a few times aswell. Realized that Geforce experience records were atleast easier to use

    What? Please tell me this is a joke or im dreaming. This came all of a sudden. Why mate?